Watch the Milky Skyway……

In order to be seen, light from objects needs to reach our eyes. Therefore, objects that are far away don’t reflect enough light back for us to see them. The objective lens of a traditional telescope collects as much light as it can and focuses it on the focal point inside the telescope. The eyepiece lens then magnifies the light on the focal point, which creates an image on the retina of the person looking through it.

That being said, the lenses are an imperfect solution to the problem: different kinds of light bend at different angles and focus at different points — so, objects that are far enough away start to look blurry. Reflecting telescopes work to solve this problem by using a curved mirror to collect the reflection of the light. Because the light doesn’t pass through the mirror, it doesn’t bend like it would going through a refracting lens. In addition to functionality, reflecting telescopes are also a lot cheaper to make (even very large ones), and can “see” deeper into space.

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